The California School Dashboard is a key element of the California Department of Education’s (CDE) new school accountability system. First unveiled in March 2017, it provides educators, parents, and the public with information about how local schools and districts are performing. Compared to previous systems, the Dashboard:

  • Uses multiple measures to track success
  • Emphasizes equity by displaying data for student groups
  • Focuses on continuous improvement
  • Enables local education agencies to make decisions addressing local needs

The Dashboard currently includes data in priority areas that the State has identified as predictors of student success. These areas, called indicators, are based on state and local data. State-generated data is transmitted through five color-coded performance levels for each indicator and student group. LEAs can create additional indicators that reflect local data in areas most meaningful to the community. The Dashboard organizes this information in multiple ways to allow comparisons of current and past performance as well as comparisons of performance among student groups.

2018 California School Dashboard Release 

With the 2018 fall release or student data, the CDE updated the Dashboard to include new indicators, gauges to provide graphic snapshots of school and district performance, quick comparisons to State results, and more accurate translations into Spanish. 

San Mateo County Results (by Indicator)

Visit the California School Dashboard to learn more about how students and schools in San Mateo County are progressing.

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Administrator, Systems for District Improvement


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