The San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) connects industries to schools to develop future-ready students with the skills to meet real workforce needs. It gives industries access to students and educators, provides space for industry to inform education about current trends and practices, and offers opportunities to partner with education. Several industry partners work with SMCOE and local districts to start an internship program at their place of work. 

The Value of Internships

The main goal of internships is to train students in a particular field of work. Internships are highly successful at preparing homegrown talent for the future workforce, while building a leadership pipeline within your organization.

Students gain valuable experience in their fields of interest; make connections; build “soft skills” like teamwork, critical thinking, and adaptability; and use the knowledge gained from their internship to structure their future education.

Why Offer Internships?

How You Can Benefit from Offering a High School Internship Program

Karen Gnusti

Executive Director, College, Career and Secondary Education


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Coordinator, Career Technical Education (CTE)


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Coordinator, Career Technical Education (CTE)


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