February 2022 saw the biggest attack on a European state since World War II with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 23rd. With the attack’s wide broadcast and far-reaching impacts, many students may be curious about the causes and impacts of these events.

To help students better understand the invasion of Ukraine and to place it in a broader context, we've gathered history-social science, civics, and social and emotional learning resources to support educators in helping students process these current events.

Positively Engaging Your Students

Facing History’s Head, Heart, Conscience protocol is a wonderful tool to set up conditions in the classroom to hold difficult conversations about world events. It helps students reflect on what they know, how they feel, and how ethics plays a role in world events to help them understand their own views.

Overview of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Sequence of Events

Response from the United States

Independence Monument in Kyiv, Ukraine

About Ukraine

Ukraine became an independent country after the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, although it struggled to obtain democracy, economic reform, and civil liberties. Learn more about the history of Ukraine and its relationship with Russia below.

Classroom Resources