All students should graduate from high school ready for college and career. Career and Technical Education (CTE) is an education system that combines rigorous academic classes with industry-specific knowledge and skills to prepare students both for direct entry into industry sectors and post-secondary education. CTE programs offer students the opportunity to explore various career options and then put in place the classes and experiences they need to succeed in the career of their choice.

Highlighted Opportunity

Middle School Green Career Awareness and Exploration

Invigorate your middle school STEAM courses and/or elective program with our free “Green Career Awareness and Exploration” modules. Each of our six, fifteen-lesson modules were designed to be environmentally-focused, standards-aligned, hands-on, and problem-based, and conclude with a student design challenge. 

During these modules, students will:

  1. Agriscience:  Learn about soil and solve problems related to soil infertility.
  2. Biotechnology: Learn about biodegradable materials and design sustainable products. 
  3. Computer Science: Learn to code and solve environmental justice issues.
  4. Energy: Learn about water heating and design a solar water heater. 
  5. Engineering: Learn about sea-level rise and save a fictitious island from disaster.
  6. Product Design: Learn about Biomimicry and solve the plastic problem. 

We are offering free, remote summer workshops to support classroom implementation:

  •  Agriscience
    • Jul 14, 2022 AM
  • Biotechnology
    • Jul 14, 2022 PM
  • Energy and Power
    • Jul 26, 2022 AM
  • Engineering
    • Jul 26, 2022 PM
  • Computer Science
    • Jul 27, 2022 Full Day
  • Product Design
    • Jul 28, 2022 AM

San Mateo County educators are eligible for a $100 stipend for each module. Register for our workshops here: 

CTE Educator Resources

K12 Strong Workforce Grants

In summer 2018, the California legislature introduced the K12 Strong Workforce Program (K12 SWP) as an ongoing statewide funding opportunity. It is designed to support K–12 local education agencies (LEAs) in creating, improving, and expanding career technical education (CTE) courses, course sequences, programs of study, and pathways for students transitioning from secondary education to postsecondary education to living-wage employment.

Please find information about San Mateo County's Grants and K12 Stong Workforce Resources below.

Flipping the College Decision-Making Paradigm

Traditionally, when students U.S. weigh their educational choices after high school, they consider the college they attend more important than the major they study and the career they choose. This helps us understand why many college students take a few semesters to settle on a major, why the U.S. has the largest college drop-out rate in the developed world, and why so many graduates end up in unfulfilling careers.

Get Focused...Stay Focused! is a program that helps students flip the college decision-making paradigm by helping them understand who they are, what they want, and how they are going to get it.

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