For Teachers/Administrators


Meta’s Engineer for the Week (EFTW)

Program avaiable year round - Submissions due January 31, 2023

Started in 2018, EFTW is a free program that introduces engineering to K-12 learners historically underrepresented in STEM. Learners build tech prototypes that address a social issue of their choice, discover that they have the power to develop solutions, and connect with Meta engineers to learn about their career journeys.  

What are the new features of the program?
  • Localized content: The entire program is now available in both English and Spanish.
  • New Open Program model: Facilitators can join and complete the program with their learners at any time. They can submit a project on one of the three deadlines: May 31, 2022; September 30, 2022; and January 31, 2023.
  • New project offering: Learners who do not have a computer or internet can now explore engineering through Products with Purpose.
  • New Facilitator Portal: Educators now have a one-stop-shop to find everything they need to implement the program.
How can I join or refer someone to the program?
  • If this program sounds like something you want to bring to your community, sign up here!
  • If you know someone you would like to refer to the program, fill out the contact form and add their information.
  • If you want to learn more about EFTW, visit the English or Spanish website.  

CS Across the Industry Sectors Workshops

SMCOE in collaboration with Earn & Learn and 10 other County Offices of Education across the state have been developing a series of student/teacher facing workshops led by industry partners describing how computer science is changing their industries and the skills students will need to be marketable as they enter the workforce.

  • To help us ensure that these workshops meet your needs and the needs of your students, please fill out this survey and pass it along to anyone who might be interested.

For Students

ICT Tech Talks


The Bay ICT Tech Talks are a series of virtual talks and Q&A with ICT industry professionals about their roles, experience, and personal career path. Tech Talks are one-hour Zoom meetings, scheduled twice per month (usually a Monday or Tuesday) at 6:00pm Pacific. Learn more here.


Ongoing Resources

K12 Regional Work-Based Learning Opportunities

The Bay Area Community College Consortium shares resources and events for students in the Bay Area through its K12 Regional WBL Padlet

Bay ICT News 

Find out what is happening in Information and Communication Technology in the Bay Area by signing up for the Bay ICT Newsletter

Evergreen Valley College Online Teaching And Educational Technology Certificate

Evergreen Valley College is offering a new online teaching certificate / professional development for K12 teachers/instructors. This certification will:

  • Provide a comprehensive education using best practices and up to date technology for teachers who wish to teach quality online courses.
  • Create a hiring, promotional, or compensation advantage for teachers who intend to work in these fast-growing and competitive career fields.
  • Enhance access to education by learning how to provide online courses in accordance with state, district, and college guidelines.
  • Click here for more information

High Road Training Partnerships – RWFP Funding Solicitation

Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the first day of each quarter (JAN, APR, JUL, OCT) in order to be considered that quarter.

The California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) is pleased to announce a new grant process that will allow prospective applicants to submit High Road Training Partnership (HRTP) project proposals on a quarterly basis for funding consideration. The High Road Training Partnerships (HRTP): Resilient Workforce Fund (RWF) Program allows for greater flexibility, multiple grant application opportunities throughout the year, and up to three years of funding per grant. More information here. 


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