Charter School Appeals

The San Mateo County Board of Education is committed to treating all charter petitions fairly and in accordance with the law. The Board cannot approve or deny a charter petition based on its philosophical belief about charter schools, any perceptions about how well the school district is meeting the needs of its students, the potential impact a charter school would have on the other educational programs of the district or the district's facilities, or whether the charter school will negatively affect school funding, etc. Each charter petition submitted to the Board will be approved or denied based upon the criteria set forth in the law and the Board's regulations. Learn more on the Charter School Appeals page.

Expulsion Appeals

If a child has been expelled from school, and parents believe that due process has not been followed by the district, they may request an appeal hearing within thirty (30) calendar days after the district's Governing Board has voted to expel their child. The County Board is required to base its appeal consideration upon the written record of the hearing conducted in the student's district. The role of the County Board is to determine if the student's due process rights were violated, which in turn resulted in the child receiving an unfair hearing. Learn more on the Expulsion Appeals page.

Interdistrict Attendance Appeals

One of the duties and responsibilities of the San Mateo County Board of Education is to rule on interdistrict attendance when a pupil's parent or legal guardian files an appeal after either the district of residence or the district of desired attendance has denied an interdistrict attendance request. Parents may request an Interdistrict Attendance appeal hearing within thirty (30) calendar days after their request for interdistrict attendance has been denied by the district of residence or by the desired district of attendance, AND they have exhausted the appeal process of the denying district. Learn more on the Interdistrict Attendance Appeals page.