The Learning Analytics Services is the data and analysis arm of the San Mateo County Office of Education. We provide quality and innovative services to San Mateo County districts and schools to foster a culture of data-informed practices at the district, site, and classroom level to achieve equity and improve the educational outcomes of all students.


General Services

The Learning Analytics Services provides a wide variety of services to all public school systems within San Mateo County. Some services include:

  • Providing Analysis of County-Level Educational Indicators
  • Identifying Best Practices Based on Statewide Data
  • Facilitating Local Networks
  • Supporting Implementation of Countywide Data Warehouse

Contract Services

The center contracts with districts to serve them and their students beyond the general services listed above. Each individual contract is different, depending on the needs of the district. Past and current contracts include:

  • Analytic Services
  • Data Visualization
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Assessment and Accountability Services
  • Systems Planning and Improvement
  • Data-Driven Instructional Support 

Use Our Services

If you are interested in using the Learning Analytics Services, please send an email to Jared Prolo at jprolo@smcoe.org.

Jared Prolo

Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Email: jprolo@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5356

Yung-Hui Chien

Manager, Learning Analytics & Data Governance

Email: yhchien@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5631

Samuel Satterfield

Educational Data Analyst

Email: ssatterfield@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5371

Lihua Yang

Educational Data Analyst

Email: lyang@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5364

Jeremy Del Carpio

Educational Data Analyst

Email: jdelcarpio@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5342


Administrative Assistant

Phone: (650) 802-5316