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Safe Routes to School - About Us

Our Mission 

San Mateo County Safe Routes to School encourages and enables school children to walk and bicycle to school by implementing projects and activities that improve the health, well-being, and safety of children, which result in less traffic congestion and emissions caused by school-related travel.

Our Vision

The efforts of Safe Routes to School in San Mateo County result in less traffic congestion around schools, improved air quality, a greener, healthier community and an increase in self-reliance among San Mateo County children who walk and bike to school.  Safe Routes to School is the catalyst for teaching children traffic safety skills and encouraging them to take an active mode of transportation to school. San Mateo County communities support this initiative with infrastructure that provides safe passage for children. 

Apply for a 2024-2025 Safe Routes to School Grant

San Mateo County Office of Education Safe Routes to School (SRTS) has released the application for infrastructure and special projects for the 2024-2025 school year on July 8th, 2024. 

Funding for the San Mateo County SRTS Grant will be provided by Measure W, through the San Mateo County Transportation Authority. Funding may only be used for small capital infrastructure and special projects on or near public school sites. (Opportunities for education and encouragement will be available through the SRTS Services Application, which will be released in September.This is a competitive grant and all projects will be evaluated, scored, and ranked against others submitted in this Grant Proposal call for projects. Funding is for public school districts/schools in San Mateo County.

Applications must be received no later than 11:59 pm on August 16, 2024 and must be submitted via the individualized DropBox link that was sent to each applicant who submitted an “Intent to Submit” form. If an applicant did not receive a DropBox link, please email prior to the August 16th deadline for a DropBox link.

Click HERE for the application and information about the grant.

County-Wide Events

Safe Routes to School supports schools and districts in facilitating the following events. Interested in hosting an event at your school? Email us to receive free resources and remember to share your event participation data!  

Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day parents and students gather in front of the school building

Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

Student riding through a course designed to teach them how to move through train crossings and intersections safely.

Student riding through a course designed to teach them how to move through train crossings and intersections safely.

Police officer guiding a young child through the bike course on Bike Safety Day in Belmont.

Police officer guiding a young child through the bike course on Bike Safety Day in Belmont.

School Assemblies and Encouragement Events

Safe Routes to School organizes various assemblies with schools all over San Mateo County to provide Safe Routes education to school children in exciting and engaging performances. These include music performances by Music Notes, BMX demonstrations by Perfection on Wheels, biking course through Safe Moves City by Safe Moves, and much more! Check out all of our approved vendors and their services below!

Students gently touching a crab inside a clear bucket during a Marine Science Institute in their classroom.

Students learning about human impact on the environment during a classroom visit from Marine Science Institute.

BMX rider doing a jump over an adult seated atop a ramp.

Perfection On Wheels BMX stunt performer jumping over a volunteer teacher during a Safe Routes assembly to teach about importance of bicycling safety gears (i.e. helmets).

An adult guiding a student on a bicycle through a mini town where they practice road safety.

Students riding through "Safe Moves City" to practice riding safely through their neighborhoods.

Two performers in front of projector screen with lyrics, teaching students to check their bikes.

Mr. Que and Mr. D from Music Notes performing a catchy tune to teach students about what to check for before hopping on their bicycle!

Community Involvement

In addition to organizing encouragement events with schools, the Safe Routes to School Program also hosts and participates in many community events with the goal of elevating the quality of life within our communities by way of improving air quality, creating a greener, healthier environment, and increasing self-reliance within San Mateo County. Below are a few examples:

Reserve the Bike Blender!

What is a bike blender? A bike blender is a bike pedal-powered blender! It is a great tool to enhance Safe Routes to School education by engaging our audience and rewarding their participation during events that teach about health and wellness. The best part is the bike blender can be reserved for your next event as well! For more information or to reserve the bike blender, send us an email to

Child riding on the stationary bike with blender attached.

Student Art 


Informational Guides & Toolkits

Safe Routes to School Activities

One of the best ways to teach students about Safe Routes is to engage them in fun activities. Check the below links to see how to get them excited and involved!

Safe Routes to School Reporting


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