The San Mateo County Office of Education supports districts in creating a positive school climate on their campuses through the following programs.


Restorative Justice Practices

Restorative Justice Practices (RJP) is a powerful framework to help schools build community and strengthen their school climate. RJP also serves as an alternative approach to discipline that focuses on repairing harm through inclusive processes that engage all stakeholders. Implemented well, restorative justice shifts the focus of discipline from punishment to learning and from the individual to the community.

Trauma-Informed Schools

SMCOE provides training and resources to build trauma-informed schools where administrators, teachers, and other school staff create an environment with clear behavior expectations for everyone, open communication, and sensitivity to the feelings and emotions of others.


San Mateo County Office of Education launched its RESPECT! 24/7 anti-bullying and civility initiative after a San Mateo County Grand Jury report called on our school districts to update their anti-bullying policies to be more comprehensive and consistent. RESPECT! 24/7 has grown in its focus to address such issues as cyberbullying, digital citizenship, disproportionate rates of suspension and expulsion, LGBTQ and gender identity, positive school climate, safe schools and communities, and youth mental health. 


Camp LEAD engages students over three days in a series of activities designed to improve understanding and respect between students and foster leadership development. It is often a transformative event for students as they engage in self-reflection and focused discussions and build community with other students and adults at the Camp.

Mary McGrath

Executive Director, Safe and Supportive Schools


Phone: (650) 802-5425

Bradley Ostrander

Coordinator, School Climate


Phone: (650) 802-5432

Sheléne Peterson

Administrative Assistant


Phone: (650) 802-5427