The TUPE program provides funding from Prop 99 and Prop 56 tobacco tax dollars for tobacco prevention education. In order for school districts to receive funding, they must submit a competitive grant to the California State Department of Education.

Competitive grants are available for LEA's serving grades 6-8 or grades 9-12.

The funds are to be used to deliver a comprehensive tobacco prevention program which includes:

  • tobacco-specific student instruction
  • supplemental strategies which include reinforcement activities and schoolwide events
  • cessation for high school students

Though strategies and activities can be designed locally,they must be based on research on effective practices to prevent the initiation of tobacco use and reduce tobacco product consumption among youth already using. The San Mateo County Tobacco Prevention Program is the lead agency for tobacco control activities in our County. It is located in the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Division of the San Mateo County Health System. Collaboration and coordination with this agency is an essential part of TUPE comprehensive planning.


The TUPE Coordinator for the County is the SMCOE Prevention Education Coordinator. The role of the Coordinator is to provide:

  1. leadership and strategic direction to LEA tobacco education efforts;
  2. technical assistance to districts receiving TUPE funding to help them design effective programs and meet funding requirements;
  3. information and updates on trends in youth tobacco use behaviors, and in effective prevention and intervention curriculum and strategies;
  4. staff development opportunities to prepare staff to deliver tobacco instruction on science-based curriculum;
  5. linkages to CDE TUPE Programs and to community tobacco education, prevention and cessation resources.

The coordinator is also available to assist in exploring other funding opportunities and to provide technical assistance for TUPE grant proposals.

Upcoming TUPE Opportunities

Youth Advisory GroupSan Mateo County Tobacco Education Coalition Youth Advisory Board

Young people make great tobacco control advocates! Want to get involved? The San Mateo County Tobacco Education Coalition is looking for passionate young people grades 9-12 and up to 22 years old to join a strong, energetic group of youth dedicated to keeping San Mateo County youth tobacco-free. Learn more about the advisory group and apply by Friday, October 8.

TUPE Resources

California Department of Education TUPE

Click HERE for resources from CDE TUPE

Cessation Resources

Click HERE for a list of San Mateo County cessation resources.

Tobacco Education Coalition

Click HERE for resources from the San Mateo County Tobacco Education Coalition


Parents Against Vaping e-cigarettes is a national advocacy and education organization.

Summit Presentations

The TUPE Summit was held on September 27, 2019. Over 75 attendees received critical updates on e-cigarette usage among teens as well as information on tobacco related health disparities. The presentations from the Summit and other resources can be found below.

Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher's presentations (Updates on E-Cigarettes and Stanford Tobacco Toolkit) - - This presentation contains more slides than Dr. Halpern-Felsher was able to present. If you would like to use these slides, please download and save them. Do use them on the site.

Dr. Phillip Gardiner's presentation (Tobacco Related Health Disparities) -

Craig Wingate's presentation (SMC Tobacco Control Program) -


San Mateo County Storytelling Program - Check this out to see how you can use photovoice with your students.

Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

Stanford Cannabis Awareness and Prevention Toolkit

Lung Disease Information from the Centers for Disease Control

Risk of E-Cigarette Usage for Kids, Teens and Young Adults 

Theresa Vallez-Kelly

Coordinator, TUPE


Phone: (650) 802-5429

Vanessa Castro

Project Specialist, TUPE Health Disparities


Phone: 650-802-5430

Nallely Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant II


Phone: 650-802-5637